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A quick demonstration of elbow treatment

Treatment For Elbow Pain

Squeezing an object, throwing, opening a jar, writing, typing...if you have or do have elbow issues then most likely some or all of the above apply's to you. Tennis elbow and golfers elbow is what I most commonly see and is generally a repetitive strain type injury. This means the muscles, joints or tendons are overworked and the brain is fighting back.


People who are at a desk a lot, people who play sports and some people who have done neither can get elbow pain. Treatment involves an assessment to see what is going on and then I can decide what treatment is going to work best.


Elbow issues tend to clear up quite quickly with the right advice and treatment. Sometimes though jobs like builders and manual jobs can be harder. In these cases maintenance is usually directed to stay on top of it. It can take 2-3 sessions to reduce the pain as well as icing, self-stretching and changing some of their daily habits. PRESS TO GO BACK TO TREATMENTS