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Treatment For Neck Pain


How many times have you looked up to the ceiling trying to stretch and wondering if it will ever go away? Or sitting at your computer having a quick break and rubbing the back of your neck to try and soothe it? There are many causes to neck pain, and there are also so many contributing factors that can lead to it. I put my hand up to neck pain sometimes because it is really common. Overworking, car accidents, stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, sitting too long and many others can give an ache in the neck. Once this happens other issues can arise like headaches, fear that something is more serious than it is and then boom! you have chronic pain (pain lasting for more than 3 months).


Chronic pain works quite differently to acute pain. Chronic pain is often the brain trying to protect you. The problem is it can overprotect you too well, think about an over worried mother not wanting the smallest little thing to try and hurt you. Thank you brain you are wonderful but can I have less pain now, please?! Depending on what is going on just talking to someone can really help, to be reassured is verbal medicine and I think that is important.

So there are other issues that can happen in the neck like bulging discs, pain spreading down the arm(s), weakness, spasms, loss of muscle tone to name a few.


There are different severities and that is why I do a full in-depth exam to make sure you are safe to treat or if I feel it is necessary to refer to the right person. 90% of my patients get results, 5% need further clinical evaluation and the other 5% decide not to take my advice because they either think they know better, do not do the prescribed exercises or decide they feel it is not the right care for them.

We work together as a team and I welcome feedback, asking questions no matter how silly you think they may be can be the difference of feeling 20% better to 100% better! PRESS TO GO BACK TO TREATMENTS

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