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Corbin's Case Study: Running Strain

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Man showing his feet
Corbin's Case Study: Running Strain

Corbin's Case Study: Running is great for you, research says so. Running helps with spinal pain, disc issues and of course cardiovascular and mental wellness. That does not mean if you have severe pain you should just go and have a run 🏃

This gentleman had been treated for back discomfort over the last few months and felt ready to get back into running. He did and was going great until he pushed that little bit too far. He felt some pain at the end of the run, ignored it and plowed on 🤕🙈

He presented to the clinic limping and in moderate pain on the inside of the ankle and calf. An assessment showed a mildly lumpy medial calf, pain in different ranges of motion and a weak big toe.

Diagnosis: Grade 1 flexor hallucis longus sprain with associated grade 1 medial calf strain and Achilles tenderness.

Strategy: Find ways of increasing running distance with no pain. Solution: Replace orthotics for running shoes for extra support. Flat/pronated feet can sometimes cause extra strain, especially in runners. Release tension, mobilise and reduce pain. Manual treatment for pain relief.

We got him to ice, rest and practice pushing his big toe into the ground to reengage the weakness. Treatments involved taping, acupuncture, my Thor massager, joint mobility and taping for support, he said "Loving the secure feeling!". After one session he was 70% improved.


Keep icing for the next few weeks, takes walks and stop if any pain starts. When ready jog and build everything back up slowly. Home stretches and exercises are given to help him along also.

Remember we have to adapt to exercise, listen to your body when it's hurting ✋

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