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Chiropractic Health: The Importance Of Getting Your Blood Pressure Checked.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Our heart is an important muscle, it’s responsible for pumping blood around our body, giving us the nutrients we need and also helps with getting the oxygen that we breath to our brain and body. The heart is a strong muscle that beats on average 31 million times a year! Impressive, imagine trying to do that many bicep curls in one year.

Heart health is an important topic as heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the western world. High blood pressure has never been more of an issue and is something that can be controlled with medication or even better with lifestyle changes.

A stethoscope and woman running
Chiropractic Health: The Importance Of Getting Your Blood Pressure Checked.

High blood pressure can be benign, meaning that it can go undiagnosed for years. Often with no symptoms, that’s why it makes sense to get regular checks. Once every 6 months is recommended. Some symptoms of high blood pressure can be headaches, fatigue and poor sleep. More serious issues can be feeling out of breath after little effort, hearing your heart beat in your ears, chest pain, blood in the urine, blurry vision and a pounding chest.

The heart is very resilient and can keep going for many years without medical treatment but sometimes something more severe can strike suddenly and become a medical emergency. High blood pressure can raise the risk of stroke and or a heart attack. Many people can survive these issues but many do not and many are left with life altering effects needing heavy long term medication and care.

We can do our best to reduce blood pressure by exercising regularly. Drinking more water instead of fizzy drinks. Getting into nature more such as a walk in your local park, a hike or even an adventure somewhere is a great way to reduce stress which will in turn reduce blood pressure. The food we eat is also paramount. Takeaways, ready meals and processed foods are the real culprit. Empty weight gaining calories are cheap in cost but expensive on our health. Gradual change is much better than a shock change, Focus on reducing the problematic foods slowly. This way, the body can adjust without too much stress and mood changes. Over time we start to crave the good foods and slowly start to dislike the unhealthy ones. Getting good quality sleep is also very important in controlling blood pressure. If we are tired we have to work harder and that means the heart too. If we are working hard on an empty gas thank then the heart will have to pump much harder to get the task done.

So please get your blood pressure checked regularly, especially in your 50’s to get treated if need be and to have peace of mind that everything is working as it should!


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