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Treatment For Shoulder Pain  

I really like working on shoulders, from an anatomical point of view they are complex, from a functional point of view that is very clever. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body but also the most unstable. I generally see repetitive strains and entrapments the most. There are many musculoskeletal conditions affecting the shoulder and in most cases, I get very good results. From osteoarthritis to adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) pain can be unrelenting, annoying and sometimes even depressing. By looking at how the shoulder is moving we can then assess how we can get it to function better.

Chiropractic helps to increase the function of the shoulder be releasing some muscles and getting you to strengthen other muscles to create balance. If you think about it our whole life is about balance. For our body to function we need the right nutrition, to be good at a sport we need to train it, again and again, to get good. To have a stress-free life we need to create balance, having time out, holidays and leisure time is just as important as work hard and making a living. Balance!

Treatment may involve joint manipulation, acupuncture, sports taping, exercise, self-directed care and pain management techniques as well as trying to change your thought about pain PRESS TO GO BACK TO TREATMENTS

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