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Active Release Treatment in Cardiff


Active Release (AR) is a fantastic way to lengthen muscles, create freedom on movement and reduce pain levels.


We shorten the muscles, take a specific grip manually and then lengthen within the tolerance of the muscle. People can feel the difference after one session feeling a sense of increase movement and less restriction. 

You would be surprised how tight muscles can cause many different types of pain. Neck pain, headaches, back aches, neurological type symptoms like pins and needles, sciatica and even fatigue. Not only that, a tight muscle can create stiffness in the joints, such as the hips and shoulders. 

Our modern daily living means that we sit more. In fact, many of us sit way too much and for way too long. The human body does not like being static for too long. Did you know that most of the people chiropractors see are office workers and people who drive for a living. The old adage "motion is lotion" is a very fitting terminology for musculoskeletal health. 

Tight muscles are uncomfortable, and it is usually our body trying to tell us that we need to move more. Ad in poor sleep, poor diet and stress and we have a recipe for tight muscles. 

Chiropractic helps to address all aspects of muscle health, and the factors that make them tight in the first place. Getting to the root of pain, is always at the forefront of chiropractic health



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