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Treatment For Headaches In Cardiff

Thud, throb and sob. I never had a migraine until I went to university. A Chiropractic degree involves ridiculous amounts of reading, all for good reason of course. The bright computer screens were the culprit and as soon as I realised I cut back on how much I read on the PC, laptops, and tablets. So this is one cause for headaches but there are many. In fact, we still do not know the true and complete cause of a headache. That is because they are complicated and often hard to diagnose.


A migraine, classic migraine, tension headache, cluster, sinus, hormone, cervicogenic, I think you know where I am heading. There are lots and the ones just named are the most common (that we know of). The most common headaches I see in my Cardiff practice are tension and migraine.

I always do a full neurological examination, test strength, posture and have a good chat about your lifestyle. In most cases, the cause is benign (nonserious) and people are always pleasantly surprised how big a difference chiropractic treatment has on pain levels and quality of life.


Most people rush to the chemist to grab a pack of tablets, now my patient happily presses the book now button and get natural treatment that gets to the real issue. Actually saving money and their health in the long run. PRESS TO GO BACK TO TREATMENTS

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