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Why do we "Crack" joints?


It takes years of training before we perform our first manipulation. For 3 years we learn how the spine and its joints work, feeling and building up our sensitivity in our fingers before we do the full adjustment.


In our final clinic year, we perform chiropractic manipulations under supervision. Never trust someone who has done a weekend course as it's a fine-tuned skill and patients can easily tell the difference. It feels great, normalizes joint and muscle function, reduces pain and increases the range of motion.


Percussion Massage in Cardiff

A percussion massager is a vibrational massage unit that gives you the feeling of a 20-minute deep massage after just 2 minutes of use. 


I often use it before spinal manipulation to loosen up the muscles so we can get a better adjustment. Sometimes the muscles are too stiff to perform spinal manipulation, so this is a great option to make the experience even better. Also, it feels fantastic. Some people can feel a little itchy but this goes within a few minutes. People have even fallen asleep on my treatment couch because it is so relaxing! They are not cheap and was a very good investment for my patients. PRESS TO GO BACK TO TREATMENTS

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