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Treatment During Pregnancy


Expecting mums are no exception for Chiropractic care. I see many each month who are either in pain or trying to avoid some of the pain that can occur during pregnancy. PSD (pubic symphysis dysfunction) and PGP (pelvic girdle pain) is quite common and can really upset the mother during this time. It's a big task already for the mother and the growing child to deal with everyday tasks let alone having to do it in pain.


Treatment is gentle and careful, I use different techniques to cater for this unique patient. The aim is to keep the joints moving well, giving the right exercises to help the mother along and to support her during the pregnancy.

Sometimes issues can arise midway through the pregnancy or can start after delivery, it is different to each mother. Treatment is effective and takes a lot of the stress away during this time. You can read more about pregnancy treatment here

A Picture Of A Pregnant Lady
A picture of a man wih a prgnant lady
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