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Deep Tissue Treatment in Cardiff

Working on the muscles, for me is just as important as working on the joints of the human frame. We need the muscle to work properly for the joints to work at their best. And we need the joints to work properly for the muscles to do the same.


It's not like massage but manipulation for the muscles. It feels great and people definitely feel like they have had a treatment afterward! It can be challenging sometimes but pressure is always applied within the patient's tolerance.

Reducing muscle tension has shown to reduce stress, help people improve their sleep and people always say they feel lighter when they leave. We use varying pressures depending on the muscles we are working on.

Sometimes we pinch the muscle, use thumb pressure, acupuncture needles, metal tools for scraping and stretching techniques. We don't go as deep as sports massage therapists, but generally we have a longer lasting effect. We also give the right exercises for your specific issues. 



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