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Chiropractor Cardiff PDF E book

-Find out what causes back pain

-Video exercises

-Understand pain

-35 pages of value

-Learn how to fix it

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In this free e book you can learn about the many reasons why we get back pain. Back pain is something that effects millions of people globally every year. It's the number one reason why people take time off work from sickness. There is no cure for back pain, but there are ways to manage it. Through pain science, coping strategies, knowledge and self exploration, we can take you on a journey through pain. In this e book are the latest research and techniques to combat back pain. Some topics are harder to digest than others. Try one chapter at a time. Then when you are ready try some of the video exercises contained in this book. It's always good to actually see a chiropractor too. If you have any questions, send us an email at I hope you get what you need from this book. Also any suggestions are welcome.

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