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Treatment For Hip, Knee and Ankle Pain 

Click and pops, twinges and twangs. Often the ankles, knees and hips are involved when someone present with either hip or knee pain. This is called the kinematic chain. What's happening on the ground (the ankles) can affect what is going on above (hips and low back). There are numerous conditions and the majority can be helped without surgery. In fact surgery should be the last resort for back pain now.


Whether it's a hip or knee giving you grief there are so many options available to get you moving better, reducing pain levels and giving you a better quality of life. Some people I can't help that has to be accepted but in the majority of cases, there is always something I can do to help. Of muscle imbalances is the culprit. Either a muscle is working too hard and taking over the role of another muscle or a muscle has become inhibited (the brain is not controlling it properly). Correcting these imbalance creates better positions for the joint to move properly.

Hip and knee osteoarthritis see great results and to sports injuries and mild sprains and strains.


Here is a little factoid:

Sprain: An overexertion of a tendon
Strain: An overexertion of a muscle

X ray of knees
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