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Chiropractic Prices In Cardiff

The first session is an hour, we will go through your medical history, an examination will then be performed which will give us a diagnosis and/or a differential diagnosis. A treatment plan is formulated and the first session is performed in this consultation unless we need to refer you to someone else.  












Initial Consultation including 1st Treatment £35

Initial Consultation including 1st Treatment OAP (65+) £35


Initial Consultation including 1st Treatment Student (Valid student card) £35


Initial Consultation including 1st Treatment Child (9+) £35


Follow-ups 20 minutes £36 (all)

Follow-ups 40 minutes £52 (all)


Pay As You Go

We like to give options to people, some like to book a block of treatments, others want a monthly maintenance plan.


Most people have around 6 sessions to get optimal results, the longer you have had pain the longer it takes for the body to heal. This is why I have the options below to spread the cost. Roughly 40% of people take up maintenance care because they enjoy it as well as preventative. I never pressure sell, no contracts just a one-off fee. I don't give refunds so people complete their plan of care to get the best results. If you feel this is not for you then they pay as you go option will probably suit you.


Maintenance care is 20 minutes just like all other treatments. I look at how your previous issue was and also look for anything new that may cause an issue in the future. Maintenance is a great way to prevent issues in the future, keep mobile and pain free. 


All you need to do is book online for your first session and you can discuss with us what kind of sessions will suit you.


6 Block Plan

Initial Consultation + 5 Treatments £200

Saving of £30, paid via Card or BACS no refunds


12 Block Plan (good for chronic pain)

Initial Consultation + 11 Treatments £400

Saving of £50, paid via Card or BACS no refunds


1-year Subscription (1x per month) £400

Saving £32, works out as £25 per treatment, no refunds


  Cancelation Policy



Pay Upfront

Standalone Treatments

Relaxational acupuncture - 1 hour £60

Cupping therapy - 30 mins £50

Sports tape - 1 area £10, 2 areas £15

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