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Treatment For Stress

I know what it feels like, if you are a human being then I am quite confident to bet my last packet of favourite sweets on it that you have experienced it too.


It is important to normalize what stress is. In basic terms, we will either travel through life swimmingly, come across challenges that are a breeze and come across challenges which create a stress response. We are designed to deal with stress, we have 100's of millions of bodily processes happening every minute of every day. If you could see your cells working right now it would look like something out of star wars. Our cells are constantly dying and new ones are being created so we can live and deal with stress.


When we have prolonged stress new things start happening, we start to physically feel it, less sleep, increased or decreased hunger, mood swings, changes in weight, shaking, fatigue and many others. It does affect us in different ways.


So how can Chiropractic help?


By relaxing the nervous system it takes some of the pressure off, no I cannot help you with a deadline, I cannot wipe your debts and I can't tell your fourteen-year-old daughter to do better in school but it can help by taking the edge off. Just having someone who understands you and having someone that will listen is a great therapy. If I feel you need extra help then I have the right people to refer you to.


Chiropractic treatment is inherently relaxing and I do have a special interest in this topic because of the way we live now is such a contrast from a few hundred years ago. Social pressures, fast living, fast food, mind-rotting TV, people exercising less, a massive increase in depression and a huge link with stress and pain.

Combating stress can be tough but it is a learned skill like everything else and assessing stress levels is an important part of the process


The video below is 1 hour of relaxing music I made. It's not too cheesy (my opinion) and made it when I was composing music and sound engineering. I hope you enjoy! There are instructions on my YouTube Channel PRESS TO GO BACK TO TREATMENTS

An abstract image of a man expressing stress
An image of a woman being palpated by a Doctor of chiropractic
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