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Cupping treatment in Cardiff

What is Cupping?

Cupping has been around for centuries as an ancient healing practice. Times have changed and these days, it is used for many reasons such as increasing blood flow, reducing pain, and increasing mobility in muscle, relaxation, and wellness. The research on cupping is very thin, but patients absolutely love the feeling it gives. Plastic cups (there are also glass, bamboo, and silicone) are placed on the skin, a pump is then used to suck the skin up as well as a superficial layer of muscle. It creates a vacuum in simple terms. A patient will feel a tightness in the skin that they report feels great. It does increase blood flow but only in the skin directly in and around the cup. It is believed that the cups can get as deep as 4 inches and can be used for most areas of the body.  Many athletes use cupping but just about anyone can enjoy the benefits of cupping.

What is wet and dry cupping?

We only perform dry cupping here at Corbin chiropractic. Wet cupping involves making small cuts in the skin and using the cups to draw the blood out. The theory for wet cupping is that the bleeding draws out the toxins in the body. There is little evidence for this and an increased risk of infection so it is not used for that reason.

How does cupping feel?

I have had it and was surprised at how relaxed I felt afterward. The suction feels like a relieving pressure, sometimes tingly and sometimes warm. Some people feel like they have just had a massage which is also relaxing. It is great for ache and pains, taking pressure off tension points. It also seems to help areas that have scar tissue by mobilising the muscles and fascia. Sometimes the cups are placed on stationery and other times oil is used to slide the cup around creating an intense massage. some people may feel a little achy after the session which is a normal response. Some may feel relaxed and sleepy and others will feel energised. 

How long is a cupping session?

Our sessions are 30 minutes. Each cup is placed for up to 5 minutes and placed on different areas of the back.

How safe is cupping?
Cupping is safe for most people and for people taking most medications. We do not use it on the tummy or lower back of pregnant ladies. People with acne or thin skin are also looked at on a case by case basis. Anyone with skin lesions in an area they want to treat would not be suitable. People with high blood serum cholesterol and children are also not suitable.

Will cupping leave a mark?

In short yes, the cups leave round marks on the skin that can be red to blue. They last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

How much does it cost?

A 30-minute session is £45. You can see out price list HERE

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