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The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care In Cardiff For The Older Population.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

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The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care In Cardiff For The Older Population.

It is widely believed that as we age we should expect more aches and pains. The latest research shows this not to actually be true. But changing these beliefs can be harder than getting rid of back pain itself. The problem in many cases is that when the pain starts in the older generation they may believe that “well I'm getting older, I had a good run”. This leads to people to not seek treatment and suffering endlessly. The good news is that treatment is just as effective for the older population as it is the younger generation.

numerous studies have failed to find a direct relationship between pain and age.”

It is true that as we age we develop wear and tear of the joints, osteoarthritis for many people is seen as a life sentence, when in fact it’s a natural part of ageing. Stiffening of the joints is a normal response, the same as getting grey hair and wrinkles. Don’t get me wrong, none of us want to age but having the right mindset will keep us younger and moving better. Pain can be a warning sign that something else other than a sore muscle is occurring. Anyone over the age of 50 should be seen by a qualified professional for any new pain issue. Red flags are symptoms that could be a cause for concern or potentially damaging. Loss of appetite, depression, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, malaise, forgetfulness, aggression and feeling unwell should all be assessed for underlying pathology. The sooner something is treated the better the prognosis.

Pain is a very different experience for each and every one of us. We all have varying levels of pain tolerance. Studies show that as we age our pain sensitivity can either increase or decrease. The problem with having a higher threshold to pain is the increased chances of injury. Falls among the elderly are on the rise due to an ageing population. “ It is known that approximately one in three people over the age of 65 living in the community will fall each year”. Heavy bruising and hip and leg fractures are much more dangerous in the older population than the younger. Falls are the leading cause of injury death in people over the age of 65. We need more education about age, movement, injury prevention and a better gateway for people who need extra help in the community.

Falls are inevitable for most of us, whether it’s a trip over a step, a slip down the stairs or a fall due to weakness they can in most cases be prevented. It is not uncommon for us to slow down as we get older. The issue is if we become too sedentary we lose our quality of movement, strength, and proprioception (spatial awareness). Movement can become slow and unsteady increasing the risk of injury.

What are the benefits of chiropractic care?

Us chiropractors in Cardiff are very committed to improving the quality of movement, strength as well as the important social aspects of talking. People love to talk and we are very good listeners. We do not dictate care, we listen to people's concerns and offer the right advice for their needs. Treatment is always tailored for each individual need. Working as a team has better outcomes and is more personal than dictating and ordering care. The likelihood of a patient doing the exercises or advice given is also higher in improving clinical outcomes.

Chiropractic can relieve tension in the joints to allow for better movement. We use spinal manipulation on all ages, this has shown to improve movement and reduce pain. Acupuncture and deep tissue work will loosen and relax the muscles reducing pain further, and again increasing the quality of movement. This also helps with spatial awareness reducing the risk of falls in the future. We use stretching techniques, active release techniques and many others depending on the issue.

Chiropractic treatment is noninvasive and natural, we need more healthy alternatives to negate the effects of pain medication. Some people do need pain medication but the potential for medication abuse is already high and increasing. We make sure to educate on the myths of pain and age, showing the patient that they are much more capable than they think they are. We work on people's belief systems, something that is probably the most challenging aspect of chiropractic care. Long term beliefs are deep-set into the mind. But with persistence and cooperation, it is achievable to get the best out of treatment. Chiropractors here in Cardiff have a large patient base with around 25% over the age of 60. Patients report of moving better, taking up new hobbies such as golf, having a better quality of sleep due to less pain and a better sense of well-being due to moving better, sleeping better and having little to no pain.

Are there any risks?

With any type of manual treatment there comes a small risk. Most patients will get no adverse reactions and are very safe. Some may feel tired for a few days while treatment takes effect. Some may feel a temporary increase in pain levels that subside over 48 hours and then start to notice a further decrease in the original pain levels. Injury is very rare but in a very small percent of cases, bone damage may occur. Osteoporosis is a thinning of the bones which increases the likelihood of bone fracture. Aggressive treatment increases the chance of injury. This is why we need to be thorough in our case history taking and examination. Sometimes we may refer out for a scan to rule out osteoporosis if we suspect treatment may cause injury, or if we suspect that chiropractic is not the right treatment for them at that time.

In short, chiropractic can help the elderly population reduce pain and falls, improve mobility, balance, strength, and well-being.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and gained new insights on how chiropractic can help the various populations in our communities. If you have read this blog and resonates with you, why not get in contact to see if we can help?

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