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The Top 4 Stretches To Do At Your Office Desk. Go Do It Cardiff!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

We have all been there, deadlines are due, time is running out and that extra pressure is mounting. A break you say?! Pfft, no one has time for that. Well that may feel true but it’s not really 100% true many times. It only takes a few minutes. And in that few minutes you can ease the strain, feel more energised and even re kick your concentration for better productivity, which means that deadline is met sooner. Many people think us chiropractor just click joints, but not here in Cardiff, we have extensive training in movement, exercise and rehab.

A man at his office desk
The Top 4 Stretches To Do At Your Office Desk. Go Do It Cardiff!

Motion is lotion and your body deserves to move at it’s optimum and very best.

The benefits of an office desk mini workout (well more of a mini stretch out) will help reduce any current pain you are feeling from being over worked, improve energy levels and alertness and make you just feel good. All in a few minutes time. So let go! Follow the videos for extra bang for your buck.

1. Spine stretch: This simple movement stretches, mobilises and lubricates the joints for better motion. When the joints are moving more freely then the muscles will relax easier freeing up tension, aches and pains. Remember to breath through the exercises and go gentle to begin with. You may find yourself holding your breath as you go into the stretch this is a good sign your breathing can be improved also. As we push into a stretch we need to keep breathing to get the full benefits of the stretch. You will feel more supple after this stretch.

2. Scalene stretch: These are a group of muscles similar to guitar strings, they are small, thin and can be twangy, they are also one of the muscles that often get tight and cause pain in the side of the neck and can even cause pins and needles and numbness in the hands in some cases. This will stretch the scalenes and the whole neck area. It feels lush (Welsh slang for lovely)!

3. Pec stretch: The pectoral muscles are the large muscles attached to the front of the chest. When we sit for long periods they can get tight which in turn can roll our shoulders forward creating that slouching look. By stretching them we reduce more tension, keep our shoulders more central. This is very much a feel good stretch.

4. Chin tuck: Nobody wants a double chin but this is the exercise that makes you have one. Only temporarily of course. The chin tuck is a top exercise to reduce neck tension. Often when we are on the computer for a long time our head keeps pushing forward and it often stays there, putting pressure on the joints and causing strain. The chin tuck helps strengthen the front neck muscles to keep you in good form and ache free.

Remember to keep hydrated. When you are thirsty is is already too late, you are dehydrated. This is a massive cause of headache, irritability and even low mood. If everything in life is great and you are feeling low check you water intake. Drinks with high amounts of caffeine can dehydrate you too so keep and eye on that too.


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