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Facts About The Shoulder

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile and complicated joints we have. It can move in just about every direction, can take a pounding over our lifetime, it's made up of four joints plus another one that's not really a joint, uses roughly 10+ muscle to help move it but is also the 3rd most common site of pain.

The following are issues that can arise. Most of these we can treat but sometimes referral is needed.

: Biceps tendonitis

: Frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis

: Bursitis

: Rotator cuff tear/tendinopathy

: Subacromial impingement

: Calcific tendonitis

: AC seperation

: SLAP lesion

: Fracture

: Dislocation

: Cyst

: Infection

: Cancer(s) benign (non dangerous) malignant (serious)

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