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Factoids: About The Heart

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

1. Your heart beats up to 100,000 times a day! Your heart is made of cardiac muscle so is incredibly strong too. People who have heart disease and other heart issues can still live for years because of it's resiliency. That does not mean you should not look after it though!

2. Age depends on the beat. A newborn baby's heart rate is 70-160 BPM (beats per minute). By the time the child has reached 10 years old their heart rate is around 60-110 BPM. Very fit adults can have a heart rate as low as 40 BPM.

3. The size of the heart is generally the size of someone’s fist

4. Heart attack symptoms differ in men and women. Men report the feeling of an elephant sitting on them, nausea and sweating. Women report of shallow breathing, feeling dizzy and light headed

Frog holding a heart
Factoids: About The Heart

5. The single greatest thing you can do for your heart is exercise. It is recommended to get 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense exercise a week. This is not a lot considering there is 10080 minutes in a week

6. Too much sitting can affect the heart, we are designed to move so when we sit for too long we literally shut down. It's recommended to get up and move around every hour

We only get one so look after it!

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