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Corbin's Chopping Board

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Chopping board with cranberries
Corbin's Chopping Board

Sweet and juicy with a slightly bitter taste, cranberries pack a powerful punch. Mostly known for their anti-oxidant properties, they are also high in vitamin C, A and K. below are my list of the best benefits of fresh cranberries!


1. They taste good which makes you feel happy 2. Proanthocyanidins contained in cranberries are thought to prevent and help UTI's (urinary tract infections) 3. Polyphenols also contained in cranberries may reduce the risk of heart disease 4. Some research says they also have a positive effect on the prostate gland 5. Some of the nutrients in cranberries prevent bacteria build up on your teeth keeping your gums and teeth healthy 6. Cranberries are thought to help fight kidney stones 7. The high amounts of vitamin C will prevent scurvy 8. Free radicals cause ageing, cranberries kill these free radicals creating a more youthful look

Give them a whirl and feel the difference

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