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Chiropractic Tips For In The Office

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I know the feeling too well, you have had a project to do, a blog to write, deadlines to meet, working long hours

Picture of a human back
Chiropractic Tips For In The Office

to get something done or you just get so engrossed in what you are doing, many hours have flown by and hey presto you either have a headache, feel very fatigued or feeling tightness or even pain lurking in the back of the neck, shoulders and even the lower back. You started the day like a sprightly gazelle and somehow ended up feeling like you need a zimmer frame to go and make a cup of tea! Nothing like exaggerating just a little bit to make a point.

They say sitting is the new smoking, but what about the ancient scholars, poets, artists, and other office workers that live(d) well into their 90's? Don't get me wrong a life that involves being active, in nature, happy in their work/family and keeping busy shows that people do live a little longer but we are living in a technological world. That means some of us will be working in an office, at a desk in a chair for many hours of their lives including myself. Below are some tips for when the stress gets too high, the headaches are more frequent or that constant niggle that just is not shifting.


Yes we need oxygen, (we breathe in 11.000 litres of oxygen per day) it's something we very much take for granted and there are so many wonderful ways to breath. Ideally breathing through our tummy gives us the maximum amount of oxygen which will increase concentration, keep energy levels in check and also make us feel pretty good. What's the catch? It takes time to retrain our breathing patterns, some believe we cannot change our breathing, I believe we can with small changes and perseverance. Before I started doing Chiropractic in Cardiff I too was a chest breather, I constantly had tension in my shoulders and head regular migraines. I took up yoga which taught me how to breath better and made a huge difference to my energy, concentration and headaches.

Corbin's try it for yourself: See how you breath when putting your shoes on or tying your shoe laces. Are you holding your breath? If so, now try it by breathing in and out deeply and slowly through your tummy. It is so much easier, after a while you will realise how much you hold your breath through simple daily tasks like getting up from a seated position, bending over to pick up that receipt, chopping a hard vegetable...So here are my tips for you to get started

How to breathe for an easier life:

  • Sit in an upright position, place the tip of your tongue to the palette, shoulders back but not too tight and try to let any thoughts just pass on by

  • Inhale for four seconds through your nose making sure not to raise the chest but fill the bottom of your tummy with air, like a balloon inflating in your abdomen.

  • Hold for two seconds while the belly is full of air and try to tighten your abdominal muscles at the same time

  • Exhale out of your mouth for four seconds trying to push every last bit of out.

  • Pause and start again, only do this three times but try this every hour

It would be hard to keep this going all day, think of it as training, the key is getting to be able to breath through your tummy without even thinking about it when we are birn this is a natural breathing pattern. The times we should be using our chest to breathe is during running or anything where our heart rate is going to be higher. Give it a go all it can do it feel great!

Get up and move:

That's right having regular breaks, allows the spine to get the nutrition it needs, also having a break from the bright screens helps in reducing headaches. The following video shows a great way to stretch out before getting up for a break. You have a right for a mini break, or you could go and find that stapler that you accidentally lost ;)

Drink more water and less caffeinated drinks:

We are made mostly of water, the trillions of cells we have in our body rely on it, often the fatigue we get is due to mild dehydration, caffeine only ads to this as it is a diuretic which makes us pee more. Hydrate with something natural more regularly, your body will thank you for it. By the way drinking the regular 8 glasses of water is a myth, as we get plenty from the food we eat. But this does not mean drinking that little bit extra won't help.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog, I take much pleasure giving out tips for people to improve their lives no matter how small.

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