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How To Keep Moving In Winter

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

As an avid gym goer myself I know it can feel harder to find the motivation to go to the gym or exercise when the nights have drawn in, it’s colder, wetter, winter bugs and general malaise feel like they are kicking you to the curb!

We will talk about strategies and steps you can take to stay consistent through the winter months and not pile on the pounds like a seal. (oh so harsh)

Woman getting ready to run outside in winter
How To Keep Moving In Winter

1. Plan

winging it when it comes to exercising generally does not go down well with our subconscious. This is more so during the winter months. In the summer we can pop out in our shorts or those trendy stretchy pants and get a sweat on. If we keep saying “I'll go tomorrow” it generally does not happen. So here is your not winged in the slightest new plan.

- Set the number of times a week you want to go, on average people go 3-5 times a week. Also set the times you know when you are free.

- Get yourself some water proofs, some new gear and a flask this will limit the excuse of “it’s raining”, “it’s too cold”. Also if you have spent the money on new gear it should drive you to want to exercise so you don’t feel the guilt of wasting money on new clothes.

- Buddy up. Start going with a friend so you can motivate each other.

- Rev yourself up, listen to some heavy music or music you know that makes you want to move. Before you know it you will be itching to run, pump weights or whatever you like to do.

- Think of the benefits. If you don’t go, the sluggishness sets in, this lowers mood and then we make bad food choices and hey presto we are now a seal. Getting in there makes us make better choices, lifts our mood and is just good for you. So quit the sofa for a few hours a week and get up and go.

2. Warm up more

It’s colder so that means our muscles are not at optimal temperature which sets us up for injury. Spend some time jogging on the spot, running up and down stairs for a few minutes (be careful) or do some body weight exercises. Then you can increase the intensity lowering the risk of injury. Never stretch a cold muscle, often injuries happen from stretching without a warm up.

3. Eat good

We tend to crave heavy loaded carbs during winter because we are designed to through evolution. Many moons ago when we were cavemen, food was scarce in the winter months compared to the summer months so food needed to be saved and rationed. Fortunately food is everywhere so we can be a little more sensible. Have bone broth, stews, oatmeal and plenty of steamed veg. We also need quality protein, preferably grass fed meat, organic or at least free range eggs, steamed fish and mince. Preparing makes life easier! You will also have more energy not having processed food.

4. Feel like crap? Go anyway

I have lost count how many times I have sat there and thought, nope I cannot face it today, then I feel the guilt set in and 8/10 times I drag myself there. What happens? I feel awesome afterwards. I think it’s because you feel like you have overcome adversity and achieved something great! So when you are feeling the same way, just give it a try to see how you feel. Your body and mind will thank you.

5. Ease off if your are sick

Some people train when they are ill with a cold. There are different theories as to whether this is good or not. I figure your immune system is busy fighting a bacteria or virus so that in my eyes is good energy spent, so maybe have a rest. If you have a chesty cough try not to go for a run as it could have repercussions. If it is a mild head cold then you might be good to go depending how fit you are. Often people feel worse exercising when under the weather, but a nice 30 minute walk would probably do you the world of good.

Now you have your plan you can keep fit during the winter, stay at a healthy weight and feel good for it!

Till next time


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