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Migraines and Headaches. Insights of A Cardiff Chiropractor.

Chiropractic treatment for headaches and migraines in Cardiff


I love headaches! Let me rephrase that... I love treating headaches! Words are important, that's why I want to write about this subject today. Headaches and migraines are a keen interest of mine. You can see my in depth headaches page here if you want to read about the many types of headaches and migraines. One reason I love treating headaches is because I'm a migraine sufferer myself. That's right, chiropractors or not immune to pain either. Mine started in university over 10 years ago and I'm pretty sure it was the constant study on my laptop. The lack of breaks, water, sleep, stress, too many pints of beer and generally not managing myself properly. A nice little concoction brew for a migraine. But you can see it wasn't just one cause. It was multiple causes, which is an important point. Fast forward 10 years and i see a lot of patients with headaches and migraines here in Cardiff. From mild to debilitating, to short lived to constant niggles. I want to talk about what they are, what causes them and how I have helped the many reduce and even get rid of them completely.

Cardiff, a beautiful city, bustling with life can bring its own set of health challenges. Faster living, more pollution, more fast food, more of everything, plus less sleep. A city is a sensory delight that sadly can cause stressors, in turn causing headaches and migraines.

What is the difference between a headaches and a migraine?

A headache is a migraine. A migraine is a certain type of headache. There are countless types of headaches, and migraines are one of the more commonly known issues. Within the migraine category there are sub categories such as classic migraines, migraine with aura, hemiplegic migraine etc. The severity of a migraine is thought to be more intense but pain is subjective.

An artistic representation of tension headaches

Headaches, ranging from mild tension types to severe migraines, affect a vast demographic. The NHS categorizes migraines as a significant health concern, highlighting symptoms such as nausea and sensitivity to light. In a city like Cardiff, environmental and lifestyle factors contribute to their prevalence. WebMD notes that migraines may involve nerve pathways and brain chemicals, emphasizing their complexity.

What Causes headaches and migraines?

Science is still playing catch up on certain headache and migraines. The brain itself cannot feel pain yet we still get pain in different parts of the head. It is thought the blood vessels, nerves, muscles and other intricate fibres are stretched or stimulated. But we know that triggers and be the main cause, such as stress, certain smells, chemicals, foods and genetics. Because we don't full know, we still need to try and rid the world of headaches. As a sufferer I have learned to manage them over the years. Which I'll get to soon.

Chiropractic Approaches to Headache Relief

Chiropractic care in offers non-invasive treatment for headaches and migraines. Techniques like spinal manipulation, as WebMD suggests, can alleviate symptoms by improving spinal function and relieving pressure of the joints. Chiropractors also give tips for sleep, stress, nutrition. As well as acupuncture, manual stretching, muscle relaxation techniques and vibrational massage tools. Treatment is gentle yer effective. Patients report of pain relief as well as feeling more relaxed.

How I've managed my headaches and migraines?

What works for one person does not always work for the next. But maybe what has helped me over the years might help you. The longest headache I have had was 6 week. Yes six weeks! I got checked by a doctor and everything was fine. I would wake up with a headache and through the day they would vary in intensity. And one day they just went. My main focus was on screen time and screen brightness. Spending too much time on social media with a bright screen is a sure way to trigger a headache. So now I limit my time, the screen brightness is very low and that has really helped. I also started drinking more water, I wasn't drinking enough and my head paid the price. I also started exercising more, running and weights. A great combo for a 40 something year old. My diet and sleep has always been good, but I did reduce my sugar intake and replaced sweets with almonds. And finally I saw my chiropractor, he worked on the tight muscles on my neck, like I do with my patients. He released the joint tension and I followed a strict regime of stretching and deep breathing. Its difficult to know if one thing works better than an another but maybe it's the combination that worked for me.

Does medication work for headaches?

It does work depending on the headache type and severity. Some of my patients are on strong prescribed medication but often that can be lowered when chiropractic treatment helps. It's important to discuss medication with your gp first before changing anything. But long term medication can have side effects. I have had patients on paracetamol for years, or ibuprofen. Often this can lead to taking other medication to counteract the others. Chiropractic is natural and effective. I'm not anti medication but I see long term medication use unnecessary if natural treatment can help instead.

An image of a man suffering from a tension type headache


Chiropractic care presents a promising option for individuals suffering from headaches and migraines. With a focus on non-invasive techniques and holistic well-being, it offers an effective alternative to traditional medical treatments.


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