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What Are The Most Common Types of Aches and Pains Among Office Workers?

When I started out as a chiropractor I thought my main demographic was going to be builders. Alas it has actually been office workers. But why?

An image of an office worker suffering from neck ache

There are actually a few reasons, for one builders seem to have higher thresholds to pain. Cuts and bruises are often a daily curse, along with aching regularly from the physical work. Builders seem to get on with discomfort better. On the flip side they are moving more, exercising their body for long hours each day. And they seem to be less stressed too.

Office Workers are sitting down much more, and since more people have been working from home, I have seen people in more pain. And it all points to less movement.

What are the common aches and pains an office worker might get?

An image of an office worker suffering from a migraine

  • Headaches

  • Neck ache

  • Back ache

  • Shoulder and elbow pain

  • Pins and needles

Sitting for too long seems to really aggravate aches and pains. We are designed for movement and the office environment is not. If someone is fairly active outside of office hours then there is a much better chance of lower pain levels.

TOP tips to reduce pain levels in the office:

An image of an office worker exercising and keeping healthy

  • Drink more water

  • Have regular micro breaks

  • Change your posture every 20 minutes

  • Focus on quality sleep

  • Exercises at least three times a week

  • Reduce stress levels if possible

  • Eat nutritional food

  • Use a combination of standing and sitting

  • See a chiropractor 💆‍♂️

An image of a happy office worker after chiropractic care in Cardiff


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